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Mt. Falcon, Morrison Colorado Engagement Session | Stephanie + Nick

Stephanie and Nick were set on a Mountain View for their engagement session. I knew that Mt. Falcon was it! Especially since they wanted to include their adorable fur baby. Mt. Falcon is perfect for dogs and of course people.😂

Stephanie and Nick warmed up pretty quickly and my camera just loved them. I had mentioned that there was another area of Mt. Falcon with Red Rock behind them and they were SOOO down to go there too. They had mentioned they had a bottle of champagne and asked if they could "pop the bottle" for some pictures. Well duh! Of course I agreed. I just Kindly asked they don't shoot the cork my way. (I have insurance but ya know.... just in case.) Well, what happened next was hilarious and I am glad I kept clicking. Their faces were everything! Don't worry. My camera is fine and we all laughed so hard. This Mt. Falcon engagement is one I will never forget! I can't wait for their wedding at Springs Creek Ranch in August. I know it will be a blast.


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