Hello, I'm Heatherley

The short version:

  • I love wine!

  • I have been snowboarding for 21 years

  • College football is life... OH-IO!!

  • I own 6 autograph pictures of John Travolta but haven't met him.....Yet!

  • NKOTB is my jam. I've seen them 9 times.

  • I love coffee but it make me anxious as heck.

  • I met my husband because I was looking to by a used TV and he just happen to be selling one. Crazy huh? 

  • I have an unhealthy amount of apple watch bands.

 Have time to read more? LOL, Here ya go!


 I am a mother to a beautiful 16 year old girl, Skylar. I have the most supportive husband who I call "sweets" but his born name is Jeremy. I am a proud fur mama (we just lost our American Bulldog to Cancer.😢)to my silly mutt, Fin and to my really mean cat, Fitch. I try to give him all the love I can, but well, he legit is super mean. Yikes!

 Not only am I a photographer, but I also have a clothing line for photographers called Photog Life and I mentor photographers that are just starting out. 

 We moved from Jacksonville Florida in 2017 and are settled in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado. My husband and I love to snowboard and I get a kick out of going faster than him. I enjoy shredding as much snow on him as I can. #takethat

 I am a realist, love people, college football(Go BUCKEYES)  and especially enjoy some red WINE! I really love to laugh and enjoy making other laugh too. I have a super sarcastic side which makes my sessions and weddings a total blast. People really intrigue me and I can usually strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

 I really believe the mountains are my happy place and I am so excited to be photographing as many places in Colorado as I can. So if you choose me for your wedding or family portraits and I act like a kid in a candy store, just know I am soaking in these memories just as much as if they are my own. I plan on making you laugh and getting comfortable in front of my camera. You literally have no choice. You WILL enjoy it. Do you hear me? ;)

 Now that you know some things about me, I hope to learn more about you! YOU are my reason for doing what I love so much! So please drop me a message or email and let's get this ball rolling. 

Thanks of stopping by y'all!


Want to know more? Check out these pics of my fam and follow down to read more. 

Me doing my thing at a Florida wedding. 

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