Education With  Heatherley Doan

Mentoring with Heatherley Doan
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Get out of your head! You got this and I am here to help!

300 Per Hour

These calls are great for getting answers to those

situations were you are stuck or just needing

professional advice. We will cover things like:

  • Pricing

  • Finding your ideal client

  • Creatives ways to market your brand

  • Setting personal goals

  • Anything else you need!


We can do these in person, over the phone or on a video call.


Don't think a few hours is enough? I totally get it! Sometimes we need more time to dig deeper into our business.

  • This one month program will include:

  • 5 One hour mentoring calls

  • CODB Calculator

  • Website critique

We will  discuss your challenges, set goals, work on marketing strategies, calculate your cost of doing business, work on pricing your sessions and so much more!

$300 Per Hour

Are you just looking for any extra pair of eyes on your website? Sometimes that is all it takes and, having someone look it over can drive more traffic to your site. We can also use this time to discuss your editing style and learning how to be consistent.

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