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Jessica + Derrick Red Rocks Colorado Wedding

I have been counting down the days, minutes and seconds for Derrick and Jessica's beautiful Red Rock wedding. Not because of the views ( I swear!😜) but because of how in love these two are in with each other. I had a feeling it would get emotional. Before Jessica could even finished getting dressed, she was tearing up. I promised not to post any "ugly crying pictures" haha.

Jessica was stunning. Her dress was hot as hell! She was on fire! Derrick couldn't take his eyes off her the whole night. Their reception was hands down a par-tay! They even busted out a bottle of tequila that I think cost about the same as my 2009 Pilot. #truestory. I think this was the first wedding I was forced to take a shot. I mean how could I turn down that offer. By the way, it was actually like a sip. I don't normally drink on the Jay-o-Bee. But do you blame me? Jessica and Derrick were having so much fun that taking them away for golden hour pictures was just pretty impossible. But hey! I was there for them! We were able to grab a few even though it was a bit dark. Either way, congrats to these two! It was so much fun to be there to photograph all the fun dancing and laughs.

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