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ReAnna's Cake Smash | Atlantic Beach, Florida

When ReAnna asked me to capture her 38th birthday pictures I was so excited. First of all, she's a photographer and she was asking ME!!!! Second, I was so excited that she was turning 38 and wanted to celebrate herself. A photo shoot for just HER. I mean, WHO has the courage to do that? I love when I see confident women wanting to get in front of the camera and embrace who they are. It is important for us (women and men) to show our kids how important it is to have our pictures taken. We are leaving memories and a legacy. I knew this was going to be a blast!

When we chatted about the details, I won't lie, I was worried I wouldn't capture her vision... I am usually SUPER involved in my cake smash sessions, (Mostly because they are turning one, haha) but trusted her with the details and props and the cake! Since I was in Colorado and would soon be in Florida, we had to plan everyone over the phone and tons of texting. The pressure was on!

Let me tell you one thing. When she said details like "Pink Hair, Pineapple Cake, Unicorn Headband and a Pink Flamingo", I was like, "YES!" She wasn't lying because that is what she showed up with! I still am not sure how she fit the flamingo in her car. Well, I do actually because I had to help blow up the wings since she deflated them for it to fit. I was extremely dizzy to say the least and I may have cursed her a few times in between breaths, haha.