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Charlee | Cake Smash

If you follow my work, you just know that I LOVE doing a cake smash. I mean, let's face it. How cute are chunky babies eating cake? I just adore these milestones and truly love seeing their face as mom and dad let them not only get messy, but eat as much as their little fists can handle.

Charlee's session was extra special because her mother Jennifer and Husband Chris are like family to me. In fact, I still call Jennifer "Sissy" to this day! When Jennifer asked me to photograph this cake smash session, I knew we had to do something fun and different. Thankfully, Jennifer's mom Cathy, A.K.A. Martha Stewart ( and also known as my second mom), was ready to help with the props and the CAKE! Yes, she baked it and decorated it.

I was able to capture some really adorable ones of Charlee before she became the cutest mess! The best part of this session was all the laughing between us all. Charlee was so funny and seriously took her time eating every bit she could until mom and dad made that final decision to cut her off. She was just the most adorable little girl! I am sure you will enjoy these pictures just as much as Charlee enjoyed her cake! Happy Birthday Charlee!

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