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Mariel + Jospeh | Castle Rock Colorado Wedding

Mariel + Joseph are married! When I first spoke with them about their wedding, I was thrilled it was going to be in my home town of Castle Rock. They wanted an intimate wedding and had it at a relatives home. This house was made for this! I was so excited. Mariel and Joseph both have ties to Castle Rock so it was no wonder they wanted to get married here, even though they lived out of state.

I know I say this a lot (I guess I just get lucky and find my people) but their wedding was a blast. The wedding party was hilarious, full of silly moments ( I probably could have shared more) and of course some tears. Mariel and Jospeh were defiantly surrounded by their best people. From family to friends, it was perfect.

I swear the day flew by and before I knew it, it was dark and time for me to leave. I had so much fun capturing their day and loved being able to tell their wedding story. I am super thankful for social media because I still get to follow Mariel and all her adventures after her wedding. Oh and a few of her friends too! (You know who you are, haha)

Let's congratulate these two amazing souls. May you both live happily ever after... with a few laughs along the way.

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