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Caylin | Julington Durbin Preserve

It had been a good minute (or years) since one of my favorite faces had been in front of my camera. She had grown so much! One thing about Caylin is, she isn't a fan of dresses. Well you see her mom's birthday was coming up and since Caylin was hangin out with me, I had a plan! I won't lie, I didn't expect the bribes to be this intense but they were worth every picture.

It was a blast shopping for her because my daughter is older and well, not into dresses either. Caylin was a trooper and I still regret not taking video of her getting out of the car when we got to our location. She ran with a blanket on so no one would see her. It was hilarious.

Well, I was on a mission and it was to take some cute pictures of adorable Caylin in a dress for her mom and it worked! She did amazing and of course mom loved them too!

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