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Brandee + Russell | Dawson's Butte Colorado Engagement

When I met Brandee for our first consult, I didn't expect it to last three hours! But we just kept talking and laughing. I loved getting to know about her and her fiancé, Russell, and how he proposed to her. They seriously seemed like the cutest couple! Brandee and Russell live in Oklahoma but have family ties here in Colorado. So, we made a phone date when she returned home so I could Skype with Russell and "officially" meet him! That was another long conversation, ha ha. But I didn't mind one bit. When they gave me the news that they wanted to book, I was over the moon with excitement. We immediately booked their engagement session for the day before Thanksgiving, since they were coming in town to see family for the holiday.

When Brandee and Russell showed up, they both were really excited and ready for their pictures. And when I say ready, I mean Brandee literally binged watched "America's Next Top Model" so she could smile with her eyes. I have never laughed so hard! That had to be the first time I had a client admit to something so fun. She is a giggler so it was hard for her to tell me with out laughing really hard. Russell then informed me a little ways into the session that they also had recently watched "Titanic" and he had some rad moves that they were wanting to show me. I knew that they were going to be a blast to work with. Not to mention, the AMAZING views at Dawson's Butte National Park. I was pumped and ready!

Thank you Brandee and Russell for booking me, and allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! These pictures say it all. I can't wait to photograph you both at Philip S. Miller park in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado. Is it September yet?

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