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Carolina + Sean | The Powel Crosley Estate Wedding, Sarasota, Florida

I had been waiting for this wedding for MONTHS! Everything about Carolina and Sean's vision was just perfect and I couldn't wait to see all the hard work and planning that they had done in person.

Carolina and Sean rented a house in Siesta Key, Florida and that is where I first met up with her "Bride Tribe." All the girls were getting ready before the big day while enjoying donuts and mimosas. If you ask me, there isn't a better way to relax before a wedding.

After a couple hour of getting ready, the ladies then headed to the lovely Powel Crosley Estate located in Sarasota, Florida. This is where Carolina and Sean were to get married. My husband and I arrived a little early, mainly because he was on "The Bloom Box" duty with our photo booth. Walking around this estate truly took my breath away. I couldn't wait to start taking pictures!

As the ladies started to get dressed, Carolina decided to surprise her mother with a gift! A couple months before the wedding, they had a private photo shoot with the talented Amber Nicole Portrait. Carolina had some of the images printed in a beautiful box and played a stunning video. I would be lying if I said the whole room was NOT crying. It was such a perfect gift too. Her mother was over the moon

and in love with all the prints from their session.

After some tears and laughs it was time to get Carolina in her dress. OH MY, was her dress just total perfection! My favorite thing about Carolina is how she keeps life classy and real She has the type of laugh that makes you laugh. She was also so calm as she got ready. But for real, how many brides have the guts to eat pizza in their wedding dress????

As the ladies were getting ready, the men were finally arriving. Having them dropped off in this vintage trolly was such a perfect addition. I just loved all the details. Sean was all smiles as he walked in the estate.

I caught up with the guys for a few moments as Carolina was getting ready. Sean was eager for their first touch. He was even more excited to finally see Carolina. As he slipped on his jacket and added the finishing touches, there were a few moments he was silent. I could tell he was taking it all in. He was ready!

Yes, Sean was ready to see his bride. But he still had to wait! We ventured on to our next moment. Carolina and Sean's first touch!

Sean waited patiently for Carolina to arrive. The both prepared a sweet love letter for each other to read. I love moments like these because they are so raw and real. The suspense of knowing your soon-to-be spouse is RIGHT THERE and you can't look! They were so adorable as they read each other their feelings. I think this is always my favorite part of a wedding. Seeing the emotions, especially in Sean's face, touched my heart. You can just see how in love they truly are.

After a few tears and TONS of laughs, it was time to get ready for that big moment, for the beautiful bride, Carolina, to walk down the isle. She was content, smiling and so excited to see her future husband. It was finally time!

As everyone was getting into place, Sean was waiting so patiently for Carolina to come down the isle. When I tell you that these pictures do not do justice, I mean it. The Powel Crosely Estate is so beautiful. It was perfect for Carolina and Sean's wedding.

And as soon as it all started, we blinked and they were husband and wife! We had practiced this "dip" a bunch in their engagement sessions so I was SO excited to capture the newly married couple with this sweet kiss. Everything was perfect!

There was so much excitement as everyone walked down the isle. This was a true celebration of love!

Now it was time to celebrate! We moved on to the formal pictures and let me tell you, this wedding party was a blast! Every single one them complimented a special part of Carolina and Sean. I could see exactly why each one of them was a part of their special day. We were able to breeze through pictures as well as laugh. Yes, they had me laughing so much! I usually am the one making the jokes and trying to get guests to loosen up. They sure pulled one on me! My cheeks were hurting by the time the formals were over.

These are just a few of the ones that made me smile the most.

But when it came time to get serious, the lovely couple was up for anything and everything. We took a walk around the beautiful estate and captured some more intimate moments between Carolina and Sean. I probably could have spent hours with them here, but they still had a reception to to attend!

The details!!! I don't want to forget to share some of these! Throughout the day, I was able to capture some of the gorgeous details of their wedding day. Here are some of the the ones I loved the most!

When it came to the reception, no one held back. The dance floor was packed and there were a few times I almost had to join in on the dancing just to get a picture. Carolina and Sean were on top of the world and having the time of their lives. I truly think everyone was on that same level. This wedding was going down in the books as one of my favorites. Not because of the scenery or where it was, but because of how amazing Carolina and Sean were. I had spent so much time getting to know them both. I honestly felt like a guest rather than their photographer. I love everything about what I do. I am so glad I was there to not only be a part of their special day, but to have the honor to document it. Congratulations to the most beautiful and amazing couple!!!!!