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Garden Of The Gods

I was so excited! My FIRST official "Colorado" family session was set to take place at the breath taking "Garden Of The Gods" park in Colorado Springs. As my husband and I drove closer and closer, I could see the storm clouds in the distance. It was still beautiful! I was crossing my fingers that the rain would blow over.

When we first arrived, the clouds were passing over and the sun was peaking out. There were so many people walking around the park, taking pictures. It was so amazing! We managed to snap a few selfies before all the sudden....


It was hailing like crazy! We ran to the car and hoped it would pass soon. I decide to go live (Something I just LOVE to do. Watch here for some humor) and show the world. My husband wasn't too thrilled, lol. I knew then, I had to reschedule my session.

We drove around in a panic, trying to shield Jeremy's truck from the quarter size ice balls that the heavens were dropping on us. (He loves his truck so this wasn't too much fun). There were so many other people trying to do the same.

After about 20 minutes of slowly driving in traffic, we circled around the park and all the sudden we saw it! A double rainbow!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt like my heart stopped from the beauty. I jumped out of the truck a few times (Yes, there was still some rain and hail!) and this is what I saw! (You may purchase prints of these images here)