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Denver or bust...

On some dead tracks in Massachusetts

For those of you that don't already know, I haven't always been a beach girl. Nope. You heard me right. This girl, the one that is obsessed with the salty air actually has a yankee heart. I was born in Pennsylvania. I then had a short moment living in Maryland, however, my mother met her 2nd husband Mark, and we ended up moving to North Canton, Ohio. Those were some of the best years of my childhood. I have lifelong friends that I still talk to to this day. There has always been something about the seasons changing that made my heart the happiest. However, after my step father fell ill in 1989, my mother moved us to good ole Jacksonville, Florida. (That was the year it "snowed" in Florida, Go figure!)

The move wasn't easy on me. I didn't fit in. I didn't dress like a surfer girl, that's for sure! Middle school was tough to say the least. However, by my 8th grade year I was comfortable and made some more lifelong friends! I never imagined I would ever move away. High school came and went, and this Ohio girl started to glow from the golden rays. I loved everything about Florida! I, of course, visited my Bloom's in PA as much as I could an still do to this day. However, I had no plans on leaving the ocean!

I became pregnant in 2002 at age 25. I was the happiest I ever was. I had found out on my 25th birthday and still hands down believe it was the best gift ever! Skylar is everything to me. Her dad and I made a decision when she was very young that we were not good for each other and decided to part ways. It isn't a secret that I think he is pretty amazing. We have always had a great relationship and we both take pride in raising a daughter together but in separate homes. Skylar is now 14. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not proud of both of us always looking out for what is best her. For all of these reasons, I was starting to really feel that that Florida would remain my home.