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It has been a few months since I have blogged a session. To be honest, It isn't something that I do often anyways. It is not because I do not enjoy expressing my self with words. it is just I am better at telling my story in pictures. However, as the years have gone on, more and more photographers are blogging their sessions and sharing their story with pictures and a blog. I do love to write! I seriously just have the worst grammar of any person walking this earth. So please, if see an grammar error, just smile. :) ( And yes you may email me and let me know.)

So here I am, sitting in Starbucks. It is the first week back to school for most. Starbucks in my "office" most days while my daughter is in school. I enjoy working here and have already met some fun regulars that share the same work schedule as I do. I have been editing and getting caught up on some work after I took a two week road trip with my daughter up north. It was a much needed trip too. Although I am pretty sure I drove three million miles, it was one of the best vacations I have had in a long time. I say that because of the special time I was able to share with a few people.

First was my visit with one of my dearest childhood friends, Kristen. We go way back. Like 2nd grade! ( I just had my 20 year reunion if that helps with how long we have been friends.) She and I have had a special bond for all these years. I moved from Ohio to Florida when we were 6th grade. We didn't have the technology we have today so knowing that we always kept in touch after all these years really makes me happy. There were times after high school, when she was going to Ohio State, that I would call her home number (by the way, her mom still has the same number) and ask her parents if they had a new number for her. I was always able to find her! Our friendship has been so strong that she was even in my wedding last year. That meant the world to me. Kristen isn't just a good friend to me. She is an inspiration. Without getting to involved with her personal life, what I can say is that she is a breast cancer survivor. She overcame such a horrible disease with such grace and appreciation. She also, at the time had three amazing and beautiful sons and super supportive husband. She was in the best hands! During my wedding festivities, she told me she just found out she was pregnant. I couldn't believe it!!! Especially since the doctors told her there was not much of a chance she would ever have another baby. But, with a blessing form above she has one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen. She seriously is the most happiest baby! So my time with Kristen and her family was more then just a nice visit. It was a miracle. It was a miracle that she overcame cancer, a miracle that she had a new baby too. When I tell you I didn't want to leave. I meant it. I will treasure our friendship the rest of my life. I hate that there are so many miles between us but I am thankful for social media so we can send silly snap chats and I can watch her family grow up.

My second moment of reflecting came when we left Kristen and visited my family in Pennsylvania. Once of my favorite little people I get to spend time with is my "great" niece Lexi. She sure is a firecracker. We have always kept in touch and now that she has an IPod, we spend so much time Facetime and on sending snap chats. But getting to spend time with her in the flesh is what I love. She is silly, smart and can be very demanding at times. I know she will grow up to be someone amazing! She said she wants to be a photographer. I am not sure where she gets that from??? I may have some competition ahead of me!! Either way, hanging out with her is never dull. It has been amazing to watch her group up over the years and I really can say that she is the highlight of my vacation when I come home.

Lastly was my trip to NY. I can't say enough of this family. Explaining this relationship to most people sounds, well a little crazy. I mean, at first I even thought so. We met through social media. My daughter has a IG account with over 7,000 followers. I have TONS of rules so people can't find out who she really is and she has done a great job of following those rules. However, on our trip up north in December she popped a question I wasn't really sure how to answer. "Can we meet my friend from NY?" Immmmm What????? It took me a few hours while driving to finally say I would talk with his mom. To sum it up, we talked, we met and we had the BEST time that day. They took us all around the city and if it wasn't for them, I am not sure we would have known what to do. I mean, It took me 30 minutes to find the subway. So fast forward to the present. Our kids still talk. We have been open to them keeping a relationship. This comes with some boundaries and rules of course. But it has been adventures and yes, different. But I mean different in a good way. We have met their family a total of 3 times now. Each time just gets better and more fun. I feel like these people, who were complete strangers to me a year ago are now my friends. While we were in NY, we really enjoyed spending a few days with them on our vacation. I know it may sound crazy, but in a day and age of online dating and meeting people, we were open to the same for our kids who found friendship through social media. We joke that we may write a book on this one day. I still think we should. Please keep in mind, that both did some research on each other before meeting. I am sure she stalked my FB page for a few hours. :)

So I guess it is time to wrap up my entry today. It felt good to write about my vacation. It felt nice to reflect on my summer and the people that really touched my heart during my trip. I sometimes wonder if I have expressed how much appreciate others. If I haven't, I am hoping that as I start to blog more, they see this. If it is a client, an old friend or someone new, I want them to know how much being in my life has meant to me.

Is it crazy for me to say that I can't wait to blog again?

Until next time friends....


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