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Baby Fox | Newborn Lifestyle Session

Have you ever met someone and thought "they will be best parents one day!" Well that is what I have always thought of Kris and Tommy. My heart was filled with joy when I found out they were expecting a baby.

Kris, Tommy and I all went to the same high school together. Although we didn't truly connect until later in life, I was always grateful for the conversations that I would have, especially with Kris. She is one of the most patient and kind souls I have met. They say, (who ever they maybe ;) ) that you can tell how a person will be as parent but they way the treat their dog. Well, Kris ADORED her little fur baby more than most people can imagine. I knew baby Grey would be in the best hands and was born to the most perfect parents. I loved being a part of this session. They way they looked at Grey wasn't with fear or worries, but with genuine love and appreciation for life. Baby Grey was their most precious gift. You can see it in each of their eyes. Congratulation on your new addition to your amazing and perfect family.

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