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Welcome to Heatherley Bloom Mentoring!

   I have always enjoyed helping others even before I was a full time photographer. As I started my journey as professional photographer, I really struggled. It was hard to find local photographers that would mentor. When my business finally started to grow, I constantly saw myself offering help to other photographers in my area. Yes, you heard me. My competition! The crazy part, I loved it! Originally I was just excited to start a clothing line for photographers and it was around that time that I wanted the brand Photog Life, to stand for something. Something more than just a fun shirt. Everyday I meet talented and amazing photographers that struggle with all the things I did. I truly enjoy lifting them. When I mentor photographers, my number one goal is to help them realize their value and charge what they are worth. As creatives, we often find our self comparing our business to others in our community. It hard to break away from that habit. Sometimes we need some guidance on how to stay focused and realizing what our goals should be. 

 I am really happy you are here and are ready to take the next steps to push your photography career to the next level. Trust me, you are not alone! This journey can be tough and that is why education is so important. I offer a few different options on mentoring. If you have any questions before scheduling a mentoring session, please email and I will be glad to go over any questions you may have. 

Ready to book a call? It is only two steps!
  • 1st...check out my availability here. 
  • 2nd... Make a payment. BOOM! Done!

One Hour Call                                                $25 (Normally $75!)

These calls are great for getting answers to those

situations were you are stuck or just needing

professional advice.

We can do this via Skype, FT or even with Google Share. After payment. please check the link  to schedule your mentoring call.

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"Three" One and a half Hour Calls.       $275

Looking for some advanced mentoring? We can spread

these out weekly or even monthly. These calls are more

in depth so we can dive into your photography business together especially if you are feeling stuck. We will discuss marketing strategies, calculation your cost of doing business and how to price your photography sessions. After payment, please check the calendar link below to schedule your mentoring call.

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Monthly Mentoring                            $1500

With my monthly mentoring we really dig deep to get you

going in the right direction. We discuss your challenges, set goals, work on marketing strategies, calculate your cost of doing business, work on pricing your sessions and so much more! Each week you will get up to 5 hours of mentoring. (Skype, FT or Google Share) If you are local, we can meet for 3 hours and have 2 hours for calls. After payment, please see the calendar link below to schedule your calls. If you are local to Denver, we can meet locally. 

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Don't see a time listed that works for you? You can email for more details. 
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